“Spring” on Ted Drive

A “SPRING” DAY:  An amazing November 28th. It’s 70 degrees! The front and back doors are open as I am writing this. Definitely shirt-sleeve weather in almost-December. Who would have thought? Outside it appears to be Winter. The trees are bare. The lawn is brown. The sky is grey. It’s all very confusing. Must be confusing to the rose out front. It has put out new two foot long canes and is blooming away.

Here are four (fuzzy) photos of this strange season. First is a hibiscus bloom from the plant I threatened to not bring in. It is still blooming away and has been for two weeks now. Guess it heard me and is putting on a good show hoping to be saved from the cold. The next photo shows the begonia on the front porch. It is still hanging in there even after a frost or three. Next is a photo of the rose bush to the right of the front door. On the right is a new rose bud. On the left is a rose hip. Interesting juxtaposition. And finally there are the bare trees with the grey sky in the background.

More on Ted Drive next week. Who knows? It might be 30 degrees instead of 70.
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