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Just in today –> Occupy Christmas <–

This just in from “Nation of Change”.   Occupy Christmas   What a great idea! Here”s the link: Occupy Christmas  And it is a blog, so you can leave comments. Woo Hoo! Enjoy! Advertisements

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IT’S NOT ALL JOY AND CHEER OUT THERE (at least not the ho ho ho kind)

Like most people, the guys who bring you viruses, malware, spyware and phishing are spreading their own brand of joy and cheer during the holiday season. They want your money! Their idea of giving is for you to give them … Continue reading

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Louise Hay – “You Can Heal Your Life”

The book “You Can Heal Your Life” by Louise Hay has changed the lives of thousands of folks… probably millions. I bought my copy in 1987 and still use it frequently. It gives us (Chris, me and other people we … Continue reading

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Carrier IQ Sued Over Alleged Smartphone Spyware

MORE ABOUT SPYWARE ON ANDROID PHONES: Click on the links to get “the rest of the story”. This mess is now in the courts. News at 11. This from Carrier IQ Sued Over Alleged Smartphone Spyware by Fabian A. … Continue reading

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Phishing for U

AND THIS RECENTLY FROM VERIZON: “Spotting a phishing email or a bogus Web site is not always easy. Sometimes, it contains obvious spelling or grammatical errors. In other cases, the errors are harder to spot and there are no visible … Continue reading

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Relax with magnesium

Leg cramps? Aching feet? Trouble breathing? High blood pressure? Relax with magnesium. I do. I didn’t have leg cramps. I did have achy feet, trouble breathing (asthma) and high-normal blood pressure. Taking extra magnesium helped with all three. I get … Continue reading

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Protection needed for your PC

 In the sidebar to the right are four icons for the programs: Spybot, CCleaner, AVG and MalwareBytes.  If I have laid hands on your PC (in person or virtually), I most likely installed one or more of these programs. All … Continue reading

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