Protection needed for your PC

 In the sidebar to the right are four icons for the programs: Spybot, CCleaner, AVG and MalwareBytes.  If I have laid hands on your PC (in person or virtually), I most likely installed one or more of these programs. All have two things in common: they all work very well and they all are either free or have free versions. The programs are for PC users. They are not needed for your Mac or Linux system. I am not an affiliate or representative for any of these four programs. I just really like them and so to my clients.

Now for a short description of each:

Spybot searches for “spyware”. These are programs that “spy” on your computer. Spyware is a type of malware which collects information about you without your knowledge. The information collected runs the gamut from web surfing history to credit card info. I recommend you run it once a month – more if you are surfing the internet day and nite.CCleaner  is short for Crap Cleaner. Very handy program. It’s main function is to remove temporary files from your PC. Having tons of temp files slows down your computer, And, viruses often live in temp files. Run this one once a month.

AVG  is an anti-virus program like Norton, Kaspersky, McAfee and others. The big difference — AVG is free. In my humble opinion, AVG works as well as the paid-for anti-virus software. LIke other anti-virus software, AVG runs all the time in the background. It checks for and downloads updates daily and runs a scan of your computer files once a week. Very good stuff.

MalwareBytes  removes malware from your computer (who would have guessed?). Run this one once a month as well. Malware, short for malicious software, is software designed to disrupt the operation of your PC, gather information about you (spyware) and do other bad stuff.

Click on one of the icons to begin the download process. During the download and install process, when given a choice, always choose “free”.

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