Relax with magnesium

Leg cramps? Aching feet? Trouble breathing? High blood pressure? Relax with magnesium. I do.

I didn’t have leg cramps. I did have achy feet, trouble breathing (asthma) and high-normal blood pressure. Taking extra magnesium helped with all three. I get our magnesium from Shaklee. For Chris and I, it works great. Hey, it might for you.

Once I ran out of Vitalmag (bad me). I got some magnesium from my favorite just-down-the-street drug store. Not only did it not work. It gave me a stomach ache. No mas.

How much should you take? I haven’t a clue. Whatever you decide, (unlike me) check with your friendly local health provider before taking any extra – anything. Best to be on the safe side.

Yours in health and happiness (tough to be happy with achy feet),  Cliff

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