What was I thinking?

You know those things that sound like “good ideas”?  Well, I started one of those 45 days ago. It’s called Success Made Fun (SMF). It runs for a year or 365 days – whichever is longer.

There is daily homework – not onerous stuff like physics or Silas Marner.

A quick way to ruin a great book is to have to read it for English Lit. Basically the kiss of death for any classic – but I digress.

A daily practice (homework) in SMF is to keep track of what I spend my time doing during the day. Talk about yuck. Have you ever done that? I bet if you have you haven’t done it for long. I “forgot” to do it for two weeks – oops.

I “forgot” because I found I was not spending ANY time on the thing I said I wanted to spend time on. Now I’m left asking “why?”. Why not? You ever done something like that? If so, I’d like ot hear your “not doing” story. Cheers!

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