Into Action (Days)

So much to do . . . So many distractions!

Last monday a friend and I had our first “Action Day”. I first saw Action Days when I was in a 30 day program by Michael Neill called “Creating The Impossible”.

Action Days can be a way to get a lot done. Action Days also highlight the distractions that prevent you from getting a lot done. On these Days myself and my fellow Actioneers get a lot done. We also get to deal with the many distractions that come up during the day.

At 9am we have a five minute call to say what we will do from 9 till 10. At 10am we have another five minute call to say what we did from 9 till 10 and what we will do from 10 till 11. And so on, until 5.

We Actioneers always get a lot done on Action Days. We, or atleast I, also notice how easily I get distracted. I am comitted to getting a lot done, yet I check email and make endless trips to do “things” that could easily wait till tomorrow.  Maybe you get distracted too?

Ready for Action? Join us next Monday or start your own Day.  You will get a lot done. You will encounter distractions and you will have fun!

Cheers, Cliff

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4 Responses to Into Action (Days)

  1. Perfect! Next week David will be out of town so our Action Day is next Tuesday.

  2. Hey Jacomina! Join us. Will be great to have you.

    • Jacomina de Regt says:

      This upcoming Monday I have to “work”.. actually be downtown 9-5 and join the rush hour crowd. So, no opportunity to actually join you and try out this system

  3. Jacomina de Regt says:

    I could use a phone buddy like that on regular days (just not EVERY day)

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