Coffee Shop Days

Last week we added a third to our Action Day calling circle.  More people.  More accountability.  More possibilities!  More stuff done.

Monday IS Action Day.  But, that’s just one day of the week.  There are six other days!  We need another “Day”.  So, Wednesday is now officially “Coffee Shop Day”. Bet you didn’t know that!

For Coffee Shop Days you go to, well, a coffee shop – like the Java Shack in Arlington.

It’s another fantastic way to get a lot done.  Like going to the Library to study.  Hmmm, maybe that’s not such a great analogy. 

Any way, here you are at the Java Shack with your laptop or book or paper.  And that is what there is to do.  There are no clothes to wash or house to clean or papers to file or phone to answer.  There is just doing whatever you came to do.  How much can you do in an uninterrupted 2 or 3 hours?  A LOT.

Maybe spend the afternoon with one or more like minded folks?  Have some coffee.  Possibly a sticy bun (possibly?).  Have a little conversation.  Work on “that” project.  If nothing else, you will get more done because you don’t want them to think you are a slacker.  Wonderful motivator.

Why not set-up your own “Coffee Shop Day’?  Doesn’t need to be Wednesday.  Can be any day.  You know. Hang out.  Have coffee.  Chat.  Get stuff done.  Have some fun !!

Cheers,  Cliff

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