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“Illusions” for Health and Happiness

I was reminded today of one of my favorite books: “Illusions” by Richard Bach. There is just a lot of cool stuff in that little book. Stuff like: “Argue for your limitations, and sure enough, they’re yours” “Here is a … Continue reading

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Fibromyalgia and Vitamin-D

Dr. Chaney is a great resource for us Shaklee folks. I am posting this because of research I did for friends that have fibromyalgia and because of my own need for supplemental vitamin D. Vitamin D is not only for … Continue reading

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A Simpler Time

All this talk of teenagers and Trayvon Martin has me harkening back to a much simpler time.  1960 (or there abouts) when I was ten. One of my favorite things to do was feed the chickens. The feed came in … Continue reading

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More about “Hunger Games”

Yesterday we took a ligh-hearted look at “The Hunger Games” (THG).  Today I want to take a different look at this cultural phenomenon.  My post yesterday was a humorous reaction to all the THG stuff at Barnes & Noble.  I … Continue reading

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“The Hunger Games” food

I was at the Barnes and Noble in Springfield (VA) this afternoon hanging out till Chris arrived on the Metro.  What an education I got.  I had no idea “The Hunger Games” was such a big deal. There was “Games” … Continue reading

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Two amazing talks on vulnerability and shame

A friend sent the following link to a Ted talk: The link takes you to an amazing  video of Brené Brown on vulnerability and being vulnerable.  While there I also watched her talk on “Listening to shame”: What do these … Continue reading

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Leadership lessons from Star Trek’s Captain Kirk

A friend sent this to me today. If you haven’t seen it, it’s worth a read. “Captain James T. Kirk is one of the most famous Captains in the history of Starfleet. There’s a good reason for that. He saved … Continue reading

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