More about “Hunger Games”

Yesterday we took a ligh-hearted look at “The Hunger Games” (THG).  Today I want to take a different look at this cultural phenomenon.  My post yesterday was a humorous reaction to all the THG stuff at Barnes & Noble.  I was shocked to be so clueless about the THG phenom.  I was shocked again when I understood the subject matter.

Just a FYI – I have never liked books or movies in which there was killing, killing and more killing.  I could not see any good coming from  taking in images of death and dying.  Still can’t.  Just never computed.

My blog is titled and is about Health & Happiness. THG is about neither. It is about killing teenagers.  However it’s dressed-up, that’s what it is about and the movie comes on the heels of the death of the Trayvon Martin. Itself the senseless killing of a teenager.

To maintain my health and happiness I will not be reading or viewing THG.  We humanoids have a choice on what to take in and what to exclude from our experience.  A story about killing teenagers for entertainment is something I will be excluding from my mine.


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