A Simpler Time

All this talk of teenagers and Trayvon Martin has me harkening back to a much simpler time.  1960 (or there abouts) when I was ten. One of my favorite things to do was feed the chickens. The feed came in cloth bags. I don’t remember much about the chickens or the feed. I do remember the bags. In 1960’s they were brightly colored and felt good to my ten-year old hand.  They were much more interesting to my ten-year old self than a chicken with attitude and a sharp beak.  Safer too.

My young self was lucky to be in at the tail end of the “feedsack” era. A feedsack was the cloth bag/sack the feed came in. When empty it was a piece of fabric that was used to make clothes, curtains, quilts,….. I didn’t know then printed feedsacks were advertising for the feed companies. I just thought they were pretty. Still do.

Feedsacks (empty ones) can still be found. I purchased this one on eBay. I wanted it because it still has the label showing it contained laying mash (chicken feed). I also like the funky paisley design.  Both remind me of that time when what there was to do was feed the chickens.

Reminded of simpler times?
Care to share?

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