Depression Rolls In

I am just waking from a month long depression. If you or someone you know is dealing with depression, you will understand why I went off-line for so long. Maybe you would like to share your experiences? If so, please leave a comment. Your experience in successfully living with depression will help others.

My description of depression is experiential. To me, depression feels like a fog has rolled in over my brain. Life becomes looking thru, moving in and seeing thru a dense fog. For a clinical definition from the Mayo Clinic click here.

When depression rolls in, creativity is pushed out. That is why writing was impossible for the past month. Writing is, by definition, a creative process. If someone reading this can write while depressed, I would like to hear from you. Probably lots of people reading this would like to hear from you. How do you do it?

So, I started taking meds again. Meds being Lexapro and Welbutrin. After a few days I felt better. I also began experiencing the side-effects that caused me to stop taking the meds. About that time, a friend thanked me for recommending rhodiola rosea for his depression. A coincidence? I don’t think so!

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6 Responses to Depression Rolls In

  1. TSI says:

    I think I had been depressed most of my life and didn’t know it.
    I think there are many different types and levels of depression. When I was in my 20’s, married with 3 kids and broke, I considered suicide. Thoughts of my kids growing up with their loser of a father kept me from that act. Taking action to change the situation got me out of the depression. I got a divorce and went back to school, where I did better than I had ever done before!

    My daughter suffers from depression and she describes a black hole sucking her down. A feeling of total and complete hopelessness. I think she finally got the right combination of medications after about 10 years on and off. And some tough love, things are looking up for her. No suicide attempts in the past year. (There had been over 8 attempts over the previous 2 years)

    Dealing with her problems and problems at work dragged me down into a depression. I just felt too tired to think, much less do anything. I would beat myself up for not getting things done. I would cry, then I would get some stuff done, only to drop dead tired again.

    For me, writing can relieve some mild depression, what you could call a ‘Funk’. But I’ve worked hard at changing my thoughts of my worth and beliefs in my capabilities. Things have really turned around for me now.

    I wish the best for you.

  2. Ellen Dyson says:

    I usually can work when I’m having a depressive episode but the quality of my work isn’t my best. It’s just like I’m going through the motions because it’s something I have to do not something I’m happy or even energized to do. Plowing through it and staying active helps lessen my episodes so I know it’s what works for me (usually) even though I don’t feel like doing it. Everyone just needs to find what works for them. I’ve found from experience that not doing things makes it worse for me.

  3. seakist says:

    I’ve struggled with depression my whole life. I stopped taking medications in the 1990s and started doing natural things like juicing, exercising, cutting down on sugar, etc., which helps a lot. And I noticed around the holidays I’m always depressed — and figured it’s mainly because I’m subjected to being around lots of cooking that isn’t my own — filled with sugar and artificial ingredients. And of course more alcoholic beverages than usual. (“Sugar Blues” is a good read that describes how all this stuff could have a negative effect on the body, causing depression).

    Some people have a draining effect on my moods and I try to avoid them as much as possible.

    But I must say, writing lifts my spirits to such a euphoric extreme, that it’s the only thing that helps when I get into that crazy, horrible, cloudy, “I don’t feel life is worth living” funk. As soon as that starts coming on, I crave to get at the computer and write to my heart’s content!

    I was in a funk earlier this week, then got assigned two writing jobs — one day of interviewing and writing picked me up out of it.

    But I totally understand that everyone’s depression is different and handles it differently. While I’m the kind of person that gets over-involved in work until I push through (like some other friends of mine do), I do have friends that don’t work at all while they are depressed.

    Just take care of yourself, and do what is best for you. Make yourself happy first. And if that means not writing for a month, do that! Good luck!

  4. Good article. It seems depression rolls in at the most inopportune times! Can’t get any work done THAT way! Thanks for sharing. =)

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