Sunday 5.27.12

Yesterday was great. Lots of energy. Felt good. Today is, well, different. Not much energy. Feel down, but not depressed. That was an important distinction for me to get. How does depressoin feel? What is the difference in that feeling and how sad, tired and sick feel? Used to, they all feel the same. After months of noticing, I can now, usually, tell the difference. Very helpful. Have you noticed any differences? If so, what you have noticed may help someone else.

I feel off today because last nite I experimented with not taking trazodone for sleep. Trazodone is one of the first anti-depressants. It was developed in Italy in the 1960’s. It’s primary side-effect is drousiness. Yay! Wanted to see if I still needed it. I do. Took it about 1:30. Got to sleep twenty or thirty minutes later. Oh well. I am grateful to have it. Not sleeping really sucks.

I experimented last nite with not taking trazodone because I really don’t want to take anti-depressant meds of any sort. They all have side-effects. Either a little, like trazodone. Or a lot, like Lexapro. So ok, I still need trazodone. I can definitely live with that.

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