Depression is a thief

Depression is a thief. It has stolen years of my life. It has taken away relationships and friendships, opportunities and creativity. You know? As realisations go, this one really sucks.

I’ve wanted to write this post for three days but a spike of anxiety laid me low. For the last three days I’ve taken 10mg of Lexapro each day. Its been enough to keep the anxiety at arm’s-length, but not enough to usher in side-effects. Again, I’m no MD. This is just what works for me. And, it has finally enabled me to write this.

That’s going to have to be all for now. Next post I’ll go into The rest of the First “meds” story.

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2 Responses to Depression is a thief

  1. Patrick Ross says:

    Kudos for acknowledging this, and putting it on the screen. The next step is making sure you don’t let it take more of your life away going forward, to the extent that you can, and you seem well-positioned to do that.

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