The rest of the first “meds” story.

I really really want to have a proper whine right now, but thought I would finish the “First Meds” story instead. I’ll let the whine age a bit longer. Stay tuned…..

The rest of the story involves a short discussion of the remaining three ingredients in MoodLift: inositol, Siberian Ginseng and green oat extract. I wanted to talk about them because, in my experience, it takes more than one herb/drug/vitamin/procedure to tackle something as tenacious as depression.

According to the wiseGEEK “inositol has a calming effect on the central nervous system and is used to treat depression, anxiety attacks, and insomnia”. Don’t know about you, but those are the Big Three for me. Click here for his complete rif on inositol for depression.

Second in this line-up is Siberian Ginseng. I found a very readable discussion of it here. According to this site ( “It allows more concentration, less depression and better sleep”. I’m all for that!

And last in this hit-parade is green oat extract. On this page I read that green oat extract reduces anxiety. Yay! Anxiety really sucks.

When I read the ingredients in MoodLift, I thought about trying each one individually, but decided that was way too much work. People at Shaklee researched them for me. Why reinvent the wheel?

I am getting good results from the things I am doing right now. MoodLift is one of those things. The other three are Lexapro, rhodiola and acupuncture.  I had an acupuncture treatment this morning and I feel much better.

And feel’n better is what this is all about!

Talk about feel’n better. Has anyone else tried these things?

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