That’s so depressing

Time for a change. Enough of this depression talk, already. It’s so, well, depressing.

Instead of letting the depression win, I took my trusty Treo out for a photo session. These beauties make me smile!

Hydrangea – Chris’ favorite flower. I got this one for him in the winter two years ago. It was amazing on the kitchen table. It is spectacular on the front porch.

Chris created this “basket” of flowers on the back deck. It is like a perpetual flower show. He adds new flowers to the pot as the weather gets warmer. So, smiles coming and going.

Focusing on these beautiful flowers got me to thinking of something I read last year. It’s from a book on living with depression. Don’t remember the title. Maybe someone reading this does. Here it is:

I can break the depression cycle
It is up to me.
I can make things different.
It is up to me.
I can do what is right for me, not what
my brain is telling me to do.
It is up to me.
I can break the cycle of depression.
It is up to me.
Soon the deadening depression
feelings will pass.
It is up to me.

Isn’t that cool? I keep a copy close by. It reminds me the depression waxes and wains like the moon. And, that I can listen to it and stay in bed.

Or, I can tell it “thanks for sharing” and go out and do what is best for me.

Cheers, Cliff

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