More Doing ….Less Quitting

So, how is the  “Not Quit” going? Ok? Not ok? Easy? Difficult? All of the above? Inquiring minds want to know. I am Not Quitting until I reach the rank of Director in Shaklee. Maybe there was something you are committed to? A few of mine are:

  • A commitment to myself – brush and floss every day
  • To family – call my sister once a week
  • To a friend – meet Jim for coffee this Thursday
  • To Shaklee – make four sales calls today

I feel much better about Cliff when I keep just those few commitments. How about you? How does keeping/not keeping commitments make you feel? Not as a judgement, but how did keeping that commitment or not. Quitting or not. Feel? How did that contribute to what you are up to in life? If it didn’t work out so well, maybe a different choice is in order next time? What do you think?

Which activities, treatments, meds, supplements bring you better health? If your back is out of wack., try a chiropractor. If your bunions are killing you. Try time-release magnesium. It not only stopped the pain of my bunions, but actually shrank them. I find pain of any sort just sucks AND it is a great motivator. Gets me up and going when my tendency is to quit.

What contributes to your health and happiness?

  • “What people do you like to hang out with?”
  • “Which groups do you enjoy being part of?”
  • “What things do you like to do?”
  • “Where do you like to hang out?”


What about it? What brings you greater health and more happiness? What comes up? No, it is not to kill your boss. That would bring less health and happiness as jail is not conducive to either. Taking my laptop to the Java Shack for an hour or two does it for me. I feel better already just picturing the place, the coffee, friends. Maybe we’ll meet at the Java Shack and have a chat about health and happiness. That would really make me happy!

Cheers!   Cliff

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