It’s that eating time of year

The “eating time of year” is upon us. I say upon us because, for me, it starts with Halloween. Candy! This Halloween was almost (almost) candy free for us. Last year Chris and I each had a serving of candy. There are two servings of candy in those big bags. Aren’t there? The only difference I can think of between last year and last week was the weight loss shakes.

The candy just didn’t call to us the way it has in years past. Don’t know whether to be over-joyed or disappointed about that. Right now, I’ll go with over-joyed. Tomorrow, who knows.

A friend kept our candy till Halloween eve. Bless his non-addict heart. That helped a lot. When it arrived, we had a few pieces. Nothing like the half a bag last year. Or maybe it was a whole bag. Who remembers? That was a year ago.  Anyway, the good thing is [drum roll please] we didn’t gain any weight over Halloween. How about you? Did you make it thru Halloween relatively unscathed? Lost weight? Stayed the same? Gained weight? Inquiring minds want to know.

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