4 Common dangers lurking in your ‘Health’ supplements

by Anthony Gucciardi, Natural Society/News Report
seen on nationofchange.org

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Photo credit: Wikidipedia

It’s amazing how many additives are in our foods that we are unaware of. Some of these same additives are also in many supplements.

I ran across this info and wanted to share it with you. Others have shared the same article. I believe it bears repeating.

The following is excerpted from the original article. Click on the link below to read the entire article. And for sure, keep reading those labels!

4 Common dangers in supplements

1. Nanoparticle Titanium Dioxide

Would you like some highly toxic nanoparticle titanium dioxide with that ‘health’ pill?… we find that 7 pieces of peer-reviewed research has linked titanium dioxide to DNA damaging effects…

2. Hidden Hydrogenated Oils

You have probably heard of hydrogenated oils when it comes to food products, … What you may not yet be aware of is the fact that these troubling oils also happen to lurk within many health food stores and pharmacies alike in the supplements aisle.

3. Artificial Coloring

… did you know that artificial colors still exist within the supplement industry on a concerning level? A simple purpose, artificial colors are utilized to make vitamins more appealing to consumers…

4. Damaging Synthetic Vitamins

… For example, vitamin E can be beneficial to the body in one form yet highly damaging in another. It comes down to production, and we know that the synthetic version of vitamin E is a petrochemically derived analogue of natural vitamin E.

Click here to read the entire article

Just four more reasons why we use and recommend supplements from only one company.

Please leave a comment if you know of and/or use other supplements that do not contain these “toxic four”. It will be a great service to your fellow readers.

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