It’s always time for Vitamin C

vita-cThis post was prompted by and is excerpted from “The Buzz” in the December, 2014 issue of “Vegetarian Times”.

“The Buzz” in December was all about Vitamin C. The Buzz reminded me that Vitamin C is definitely called for to deal with the additional stresses of Winter: the cold, colds, the dry-er air, snow, ice, … I’m getting cold writing this. But, I digresss.

In the article, Robert A Schulman, MD recommends 200 to 500 mg of Vitamin C a day. I personally take 1000 mg of Vitamin C a day; that’s just me. If I take much less than that, after a while, my gums start to bleed – not pretty.

What that tells me is that everyone is different. In my “mega-vitamin days” I took as many as 3 grams of Vitamin C daily and it didn’t bother me – no loose stools, no stomach upset, nothing. You, on the other hand, may take 500 mg of Vitamin C daily and be beset with digestive problems. Because of that …

Take it slow. You can always add more. And try the time-release version. It hangs around longer. Speaking of hanging around longer; you may already be getting all the Vitamin C you need from the food you are eating. Check it out.

In the article, it was said that Vitamin C interacts with aluminum-based antacids, estrogen therapy and non-steroidal drugs (NSAID’s). And also that if you have an iron buildup, kidney stones or are being treated for cancer, you should consult your doctor before taking additional Vitamin C. That is all way above my pay grade. Definitely check it out with your doc if you are having those sorts of problems and want to take additional Vitamin C.

Vitamin C comes in two forms: synthetic and food-based. The synthetic version (ascorbic acid) is more acidic than the food-based one. So, try the food-based version if you have a “delicate” stomach.

With food-based Vitamin C you get more than just ascorbic acid. You get the extra stuff from the foods used to create the Vitamin C. Stuff that just doesn’t come in the synthetic version. For instance, Shaklee (shameless plug) Vitamin C smells like grapefruit – from which it is mostly derived.

So, a little reminder about Vitamin C. Are you, dear reader, getting enough in your diet? If not, maybe supplementation is in order.

You can find the complete article in the December, 2014 issue of Vegetarian Times.

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