Don’t quit those vitamins too quickly!

Over the years I have tried many many vitamins, minerals and herbs (don’t ask). Some of them I still use. Some are long gone. Some, like vitamin C and CoQ10, gave me miraculous results over night. Some, like alfalfa and turmeric took longer to show results. If I stopped them after a month – no results.

I really really like instant gratification. In fact, I prefer to my gratification to come before I even want it. I got that in spades with vitamin C and CoQ10. The day after I took my first big dose (1000mg) of vitamin C my gums stopped bleeding. Seemed like a miracle to me.

Now I know I just need a lot of vitamin C. Someone else could take 1000mg of vitamin C and have horrible stomach upset. We are all so different.

My gums weren’t bleeding any more, but they still weren’t “happy”. I wanted happy gums. Like I would want sad ones?  But I digress

I did a bit of research and found that CoQ10 was good for your gums. I got the CoQ10 and took it that very day. If memory serves, it was 100mg. At that time 100mg of CoQ10 was a lot of CoQ10 as it hadn’t been on the mass market that long.

The next day my gums were happier – more pink – less red. In a week my gums were “in the pink”. That phrase has new meaning for me now.

So, dear reader. Plan to take a new vitamin, mineral or herb in the new year? Give it a chance to work. If you have a medical condition like diabetes or high blood pressure, speak with your doctor before taking something new. Guarana may sound great for weight loss, but it can easily bump up your already high blood pressure.

Be well out there in 2015 !

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