Choose the Right Carbs to Help Control Your Diabetes Risk

I don’t know about you, but – for me – sugar is a food group. For you too – probably. Since Thanksgiving I have dramatically reduced the simple carbs I eat. As well as depression, there is diabetes in my family. Being diabetic just doesn’t sound all that interesting to me. There is the whole cutting off of body parts, blindness and lots of other not-so-fun stuff that goes along with diabetes.

Nah, Niet, I don’t think so. So far I’ve dodged that bullet. And I want to keep it that way. My last post was from the Health & Nutrition Letter from Tufts University. Below is another article from them. It’s worth a read if your blood sugar is a bit high or a lot high.

More fiber, less starch, linked to lower risk.

You already know to avoid added sugars, but now the evidence is mounting that another type of carbohydrate may also be implicated in weight gain and diabetes risk – starch. That’s tricky, because identifying high-starch foods requires doing a little arithmetic on the Nutrition Facts label (see box). But the health rewards may be worth breaking out the calculator.  more

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