Enough is enough



In January of 2016 I realized the anti-depressant (Lexapro) I had taken for several years was no longer working. So, looking for a solution, I trotted down to my doc and asked for a replacement. She recommend an SNRI. I don’t remember the name. I just remember it was aweful. Aweful.

I took the SNRI for a month. In that month I became paranoid and suicidal. So, I thought – hmm – I don’t like this paranoid, suicidal thing. Looking for another solution, I asked my doc for something else. She recommend another SSRI – Paxil.

I took Paxil for two months. It didn’t help me at all. It was like taking a sugar pill. If Paxil is working for you – yay. It just didn’t do anything for me.

Looking for another solution, I decided to stop taking Paxil. It was then I learned you can’t just stop taking Paxil or any SSRI. You know this first-hand if you have just stopped taking your SSRI.

I learned that one withdraws from Paxil. For me, withdrawal from Paxil took two months. I understand the process of withdrawal from Paxil can take much longer if you have taken it for years. I am grateful it only took two months for me. At the end of the two month withdrawal period I actually felt much better than I had in years. The depression had not magically disappeared. It had just lessened – a lot.

So, what’s next? Next there is more research. Which will yeild more solutions. I will write about one of those solutions in the next post. It’s helped me. Maybe it will help you as well.


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