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A first for 2017

It’s been over a year since my last post. Had a bit of a depression brown-out. Not a full go-to-bed black-out, mind you. It was just enough to knock-out my ability to write. If you tend to be depressed, you … Continue reading

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The ego

Last week I ran across a reference to Amber-Allen Publishing ( Today I went to their web site. Who knew they published “The Four Agreements”? One of my favorite books. About five years ago I took on the second Agreement … Continue reading

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Don’t quit those vitamins too quickly!

Over the years I have tried many many vitamins, minerals and herbs (don’t ask). Some of them I still use. Some are long gone. Some, like vitamin C and CoQ10, gave me miraculous results over night. Some, like alfalfa and … Continue reading

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The “Spoon” Theory

How many spoons do you have today? And what is the Spoon thing anyway? Last week a friend (who also lives with depression) clued me into the “Spoon Theory”. It is an idea from the creative mind of Christine Miserandino. … Continue reading

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Making little pieces out of big pieces

We journeyed to Sears this morning and procured a bright red electric chain saw. When I cut wood I had always used a gas powered saw. Portable, but loud. That was in the country in Oklahoma. Here in urban VA … Continue reading

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Be careful what u ask for

I have been looking around and asking for just a little more wood to take us thru the winter. Guess I should have been more specific…… Can’t complain too much, though. The wood was delivered right next to the wood … Continue reading

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No happiness in Belize

xenophobia – “the irrational or unreasoned fear of that which is perceived to be foreign or strange”. It saddens me that any one or any group would want to take their particular brand of hate or xenophobia from one country … Continue reading

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