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A line in the sand

Do you sometimes get stuck in depression? I do. Sometimes I get stuck in depression and can only focus on the problem of depression and the problems it causes in my life. Below is my Line In The Sand. =============================================================== … Continue reading

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A first for 2017

It’s been over a year since my last post. Had a bit of a depression brown-out. Not a full go-to-bed black-out, mind you. It was just enough to knock-out my ability to write. If you tend to be depressed, you … Continue reading

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The ego

Last week I ran across a reference to Amber-Allen Publishing ( Today I went to their web site. Who knew they published “The Four Agreements”? One of my favorite books. About five years ago I took on the second Agreement … Continue reading

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And now for something completely different

If you follow this blog at all, you might have noticed (hopefully) that I hadn’t posted in a while – ok, so it was over a year. Last December I realized my anti-depressant was no longer working. Probably hadn’t worked … Continue reading

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80% of heart disease is preventable

  There are numerous factors that can increase your risk. By maintaining normal cholesterol and blood pressure levels and a healthy weight, you are minimizing three important risk factors that can help support your heart health. Know your numbers—are you … Continue reading

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Choose the Right Carbs to Help Control Your Diabetes Risk

I don’t know about you, but – for me – sugar is a food group. For you too – probably. Since Thanksgiving I have dramatically reduced the simple carbs I eat. As well as depression, there is diabetes in my … Continue reading

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Longevity Benefits Seen with Moderate Coffee Drinking

Up to five cups a day safe, may have protective benefits. That extra cup of coffee is not only safe for most people, but might actually reduce your risk of dying prematurely from heart disease and several other causes. Continuing … Continue reading

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