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80% of heart disease is preventable

  There are numerous factors that can increase your risk. By maintaining normal cholesterol and blood pressure levels and a healthy weight, you are minimizing three important risk factors that can help support your heart health. Know your numbers—are you … Continue reading

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It’s that eating time of year

The “eating time of year” is upon us. I say upon us because, for me, it starts with Halloween. Candy! This Halloween was almost (almost) candy free for us. Last year Chris and I each had a serving of candy. … Continue reading

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More Not Stopping

There are four kinds of homicide: felonious, excusable, justifiable, and praiseworthy. ~Ambrose Bierce   You know, the only problem with putting it out there in the world is now I feel I’ve got to at least try this stuff I’m … Continue reading

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DMAA Supplements: What Are They Thinking?

And this from Dr. Chaney   — for your Health and Happiness — Stephen Chaney, PhD Dr. Stephen Chaney is a professor of biochemistry, biophysics and nutrition at UNC Medical School in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. He is also a prominent … Continue reading

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